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Firelight Coffee

Coffee should taste great and be sustainable.

It's hard to find consistent, great tasting coffee that you can feel good about. Too often, there is no way to know whether your coffee is actually sustainably produced. We built Firelight Coffee to make sure your coffee tastes great every time and is sustainable.

High Quality & Sustainable

As a wholesale parter, you can trust that every order will be high quality and consistent. We roast to order throughout the week so your coffee is always as fresh as possible, with generous perks like free delivery thresholds or affordable shipping. Rest easy knowing that our coffees are all carefully sourced with environmental, economic and ethical sustainability in mind, with large sets of data available for every coffee or blend.

Barista Training

Our experienced team of baristas, which includes a certified Q Arabica Grader, will lead your team through barista training so that all your employees can confidently pull espresso shots, steam milk, and brew coffee expertly. Whether you run a cafe, restaurant, office, or something else, you will have access to professional training.


We want to make wholesale partners, not just clients. In the same way that we partner with farmers and importers to create a more sustainable world through traceable coffee, we aim to parter with our wholesalers to make their cafes and workplaces more equitable and delicious through coffee.

Simple Ordering

You will have access to a simple online portal where you can place orders, see past activity, and set up recurring orders. This is also where you’ll find our newest offerings at wholesale prices. You have a business to run, ordering coffee should be the simplest part of your week.

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