How to Recycle
Retail Bags

As indicated on the bottom of your bag, these bags are recyclable in areas that accept #4 LDPE plastics. The zipper and one-way valve are recyclable as well so no extra cutting is needed in most facilities! Just peel off the label on the front and take it along with your other hard-to-recycle plastics to a center that accepts and sorts them.


Most single-bag orders will arrive in a brown, #2 curbside-recyclable mailer that you can toss in with your other weekly recyclables.


Every box and the tape used to secure it can be recycled at curbside in areas with this service. The boxes are corrugated cardboard, and the tape is paper-based gummed tape activated with water.

Bulk Bags

If your coffee comes in a white or brown kraft bag with a label applied, these are not currently recyclable. This includes coffees that are purchased in quantities larger than 12oz, and most wholesale offerings. We are working to get bags that are a similar material to our 12oz recyclable retail bags, so stay tuned!