Daniela & Valdir

Daniela and Valdir are leaders in a movement toward regenerative coffee farming, which is a principle of making as much of the farm to be self-sustaining as possible. Their 8 hectare farm, Sítio Joaninha, sits around 1300 meters above sea level (masl) and is completely off-grid thanks to a solar array installed at the farm. In addition, through collaboration with our longtime partners at FAF Coffees, the farm has water treatment for coffee processing (a huge step toward local sustainability as runoff water is a major pollutant), and even a device to capture methane from pig farming to create energy for use in their home. Through these efforts, Daniela and Valdir’s work at Sítio Joaninha has become a model of sustainability in coffee farming.

We are proud to offer this coffee through FAF Coffees, a premier Brazilian coffee importer that Firelight has partnered with for over eight years. FAF Coffee’s mission includes investing in their local farming community to help create incredibly sustainable farms, like Sítio Joaninha, while never compromising on quality and flavor.

This coffee has a syrupy, sweet chocolate and caramel base flavor with a splash of tropical mango fruit, rounded out with creamy, vanilla bean notes. Filter methods, like pourover and drip pot highlight the creamy vanilla and hint of mango flavors. A French Press creates a deep, sweet chocolatey coffee with strong nougat flavors.

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Sustainability Benchmarks

The following coffee benchmarks have been collected with the help of our importing partners and farmers. Firelight Coffee uses this information to understand and verify the sustainability of each coffee prior to purchase. All information was freely shared by our importing partners and/or the coffee farmer or producer. Sustainability scores were determined by Firelight Coffee based on an evolving set of internal scoring methods and are subject to change. Click to expand each section below the graph for more details.