Blend Subscription

Keep your home stocked with the highest quality sustainable coffees and never worry again about running out.

Featuring a rotation of year-round and seasonal blended specialty coffees, this subscription keeps interesting, sustainably produced coffees in your home throughout the year. We’ll send out any number of bags at the frequency you pick.

The primary coffees you will receive in rotation are:


If you need your coffee ground, select the right type of grind for you. Fine (Drip) grind is great for a normal coffeepot or most pourover methods. Medium (Chemex) is a little more coarse for brewing methods with thicker filters, and Coarse (French Press) is perfect for immersion brewing methods like a French Press.



Order by Wednesday at midnight for this product to ship on Thursday.
Order by Sunday at midnight for this product to ship on Monday.
  • Recurring billing
  • Cancel anytime
  • First delivery ships the following Monday or Thursday
  • Includes standard year-round blends as well as special seasonal blends.