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Who is Firelight Coffee?

Operating since 2014, Firelight Coffee’s focus is sourcing the best and most interesting coffees that push the boundaries of environmental, economic and social sustainability. By focusing on farmers’ wellbeing and caring for coffee farmland, we aim to inspire and incentivize coffee producers to create sustainable operations that can last for generations.

Firelight Coffee sources and roasts exceptional coffee that is verifiably sustainable. Our mission is to make a difference through initiatives like fully recyclable coffee packaging and close-knit partnerships with coffee suppliers and farmers who share our vision. We firmly believe that coffee can be more than just delicious; it must pave the way to a better future.

Spectacular Coffee

We source and roast the best tasting coffees, validated by on-staff Q Graders.

Actually Sustainable

Our strict benchmarks for coffee sourcing include environmental, economic and social impact. 


We think it’s important to be completely open about where your coffee comes from and who produces it.

"By focusing on sustainable coffees now, we are committing to a vision that extends far into the future. We envision a world where, even 100 generations from now, people can enjoy tasty specialty coffee that respects our planet and its inhabitants."
Todd Johnson

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