Table of Contents

Ethical Marketing Policy


At Firelight Coffee, we are dedicated to ensuring honesty, fairness, and responsibility in all our marketing practices. This Ethical Marketing Policy outlines our commitment to ethical conduct in our advertising, communication, and environmental impact.


This Policy applies to all employees of Firelight Coffee and any associated businesses or individuals representing Firelight Coffee.


– All marketing communication must be legal, decent, honest, and truthful.
– Respect the privacy and confidentiality of customers.
– Avoid unfairly portraying or referring to anyone in an adverse or offensive way.
– Do not make misleading statements or overstatements in advertising.
– Create advertising consistent with sustainable development principles.
– Base environmental claims on the full life cycle of products.
– Do not make unqualified claims; absolute claims must be supported by evidence.
– Compliance extends to marketing partners and suppliers; Firelight Coffee will not work with non-compliant partners.


– We commit to being honest and transparent about the social and environmental impacts of our work.
– We adhere to Permission-Based Email Marketing.
– We uphold Ethical Digital Advertising standards and do not misrepresent our products.
– We do not purchase links; links should be built organically and from genuine relationships and partnerships.
– We do not purchase email lists or engage in similar unethical marketing practices.

Evaluation and Improvement

– Firelight Coffee will evaluate the effectiveness of this Policy regularly.
– We will assess control systems and procedures and seek feedback from employees and customers for improvements.


If you have any questions or feedback about this policy, please email