Introducing Firelight Coffee Sustainability Benchmarks

How do you know that the coffee you’re drinking is good? Not just that it tastes good, but that it is good—for the people who grow it, transport it, finance it, sell it, drink it, dispose of the waste from it, and anyone else involved in the whole supply chain. How do you know that […]

Doubling Down on Recyclable Bags

Recyclable Bags Work! A lot has happened since unveiling our new, recyclable coffee packaging almost two years ago! We made the decision to switch to fully recyclable packaging in 2021, which is detailed in this prior blog post. We learned a ton through the process of developing and rolling out these bags, and it encouraged […]

Firelight Coffee’s New Sustainable Packaging

We are beyond excited to take the wraps off of our latest bag redesign! This has secretly been in the works for months while the team perfected every detail and found the right partners to turn this idea into a reality. Featuring a full custom design in three colors, convenient features like a resealable zipper […]