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Keepin’ Coffee Accessible (Pt. 2)

In the last post we delved into our approach to making great coffee available to you. That’s only half the discussion, though, and it’s important for us to cover the other half – our producing partners and the forgotten few in the coffee production process.

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Keepin’ Coffee Accessible (Pt. 1)

This idea of accessibility aligns with our core values so deeply that it’s a part of every decision. This is only a part of the discussion about accessibility, however, and the next post will delve into the other side of accessibility: what this value means for our producing partners and those often forgotten in the coffee production process.

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Quality First

Which coffee is a higher quality? Which one is, in effect, better? More to the point, how do you even begin to determine high vs. low quality when the beverage in question is so subject to personal preference?

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